Drone technology::

Delivering on our customer promise

The use of drones has allowed us to transform the way we handle claims in the most unusual or difficult situations.

Drone benefits


Allows accurate risk assessments in challenging geographies.


Provides immediate access in time-critical situations.


Offers the ability to cover vast expanses of terrain.


Offers claim assessment at significantly lower cost, in turn, reducing customer premiums.

Drones offer QBE immediate access to areas affected by catastrophic events, such as earthquake or flood, allowing us to provide early assessment of the extent of damage. We can then accelerate the claims process, identifying the resources and technical capability required to provide the necessary client support and deliver a more precise and accurate solution.

Currently in use in our North American Operations, European Operations and Emerging Markets, drones have helped QBE deliver better customer outcomes.

Case study: North American Crops

QBE was an early adopter in the use of drones, using the technology to assist in the inspection and verification of more than 70,000 acres of citrus trees in Florida.

The QBE drone images were used to count the trees and inspect each for damage, reducing a three‑month manual task to under three weeks.

north american crops

“A few days (after the earthquake) we got a positive answer from QBE saying that our claim would be settled as fast as possible. That fact actually made me think that there was hope, because I thought it was all over… I can actually say that I now have a new opportunity.”

QBE customer, Ecuador

Case study: Ecuador Earthquake

In April 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the province of Manabi in Ecuador, the most devastating earthquake in the country since 1979. In the city of Portoviejo, the collapse of at least 684 private buildings led to a significant increase in the number of casualties.

Recognising the urgency, we immediately mobilised our regional catastrophe response team to Quito, with team members from Miami, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Puerto Rico providing local Ecuador support. With a danger of further building collapse, the authorities restricted physical access to the quake zone. Within two days, drone technology started to show its real value – surveying the damage and allowing us to settle 90% of large losses within 90 days.

Ecuador Earthquake

In the community – Emerging Markets: Aid for Ecuador

To assist the people of Ecuador in their recovery, QBE Emerging Markets organised a division-wide donation program. Donations from employees across Asia Pacific and Latin America were matched by QBE, raising almost US$35,000, with an additional US$25,000 donated by the QBE Group Foundation. The resulting funds were given to Save the Children in Ecuador to assist in their relief work, which included supporting children who tragically lost family members. Local QBE employees also organised a drive to collect bottled water, food and basic necessities for people in the most affected areas. QBE has been present in Ecuador since 1992 and today is the third largest private general insurer in the country.

QBE Foundation

Case study: 2015/16 UK Floods

In December 2015, devastating storms swept across parts of the UK, resulting in the worst flooding in 250 years.

We used drones to quickly assess the impact on the community and obtain a view of the damage as early as possible. This allowed us to accelerate claims payments, letting our customers get on with rebuilding their lives.

Ecuador Earthquake