Our strategic agenda


Underwritting excellence

Underwriting excellence

  • Establishment of underwriting hubs in Miami and Singapore to optimise use of underwriting talent in growing economies of Latin America and Asia
  • Focus on core business, including growing North American Specialty and Emerging Markets
  • Continued divestment of non-core businesses and remediation of underperforming lines
  • Use of data and analytics to allow data-driven underwriting decisions, focused risk selection and greater pricing accuracy
  • Improved stress testing of underwriting scenarios
  • Group Underwriting Committee to monitor underwriting performance and drive adherence to underwriting standards and best practices
  • Rollout of QBE Underwriting Academy to embed best‑in‑class underwriting skills and accreditation by the appropriate insurance institutes
Customer and partner-led growth

Customer and partner-led growth

  • Client relationship management system and processes implemented globally
  • Multinational capability improved for customers operating across multiple geographies
  • Advanced customer risk management system offers clients guidance on wider risk issues
  • Data and analytics used to improve understanding of customer buying habits allowing more focused support
  • Premiums4Good offers customers choices of social and environmental investments
  • The QBE Digital Innovation Lab carries out research into business opportunities in areas such as Internet of Things, Blockchain and machine learning
World class talent

World class talent

  • The launch of the QBE Underwriting Academy saw 233 graduates complete the program in 2016, with an additional 79 trained subject matter experts
  • 2,351 leaders have attended the QBE Leadership Academy to improve our bench strength at all levels
  • A focus on engagement has resulted in improved scores across the business
  • Diversity and inclusion statistics continue to improve towards published targets
Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

  • Multiple initiatives generated cost savings in excess of $150 million in 2016
  • A more strategic approach to cost and infrastructure management in 2017 will see further benefit realised
  • In excess of $350 million reduction in 2017 external reinsurance spend
  • Further use of Group Shared Services Centre to achieve cost and efficiency benefits
  • We are continuing to enhance our long-term plan and strategy for technology
Claims excellence

Claims excellence

  • Use of data and analytics for fraud prevention, claims recoveries and litigation management
  • Group Chief Claims Officer appointed to facilitate sharing of best practice, to maximise opportunities in the areas of fraud management, claims, claims supply chain management and claims leakage
  • $200 million of claims benefits targeted by 2018
  • Innovative use of drone technology to deliver excellent claims service to clients
Data and analytics

Data and analytics

  • Over 70 projects in progress to embed data and analytics to create a culture of data‑driven decision-making
    This includes:
    • Claims anti-fraud and subrogated recovery
    • Customer segmentation and improved customer experience
    • Agent and broker segmentation and performance
    • Underwriting exposure, loss control and pricing analytics
    • Recruitment effectiveness